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  • Increase in sales through shop construction / sdback presents forward-looking ideas for the right shop design What must a good bakery or confectioners shop look like? The sales staff have a fairly clear idea of the functionality. Whereas expert
    2020/12/28 14:36:14
  • sdback closes with another convincing score: Positive investment mood and optimism at the industry event in Stuttgart
    2020/12/28 14:34:34
  • Intergastra impresses from start to finish / 98,677 visitors and 1,422 exhibitors / Gelatissimo, the trade fair for the world of gelato, firmly established
    2020/12/24 17:45:20
  • 根据中国产业研究院发布的数据,2017年月饼市场规模为146亿元,同比增长8.15%。2018年月饼行业估计增速保持在5%至8%,市场规模为153亿至158亿元。目前月饼市场总体增速放缓,不过在这个百亿级的市场,月饼仍是头部糕饼企业的重要业务板块。 月饼行业在经历了限制“…
    2020/12/24 17:44:44
  • “消费升级”和“渠道下沉”是近年最热门的话题,特别是以拼多多、趣头条为代表的互联网公司,快速崛起、快速上市,展现了“下沉市场”的巨大潜力。 对于烘焙饮品领域,业内已基本达成共识,一线、准一线城市城市,市场已基本饱和,新店生存困难,而反观三四线城…
    2020/12/24 17:43:52