China International Bake & Shop Expo

April 13th-15th, 2021

Nanjing International Expo Center
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Central Kitchen Practice

The Central Kitchen Experience Area is a one-stop baking experience center integrating the functions of product exhibition, feature exhibition, and interactive exchanges.


Both Hall 1 and Hall 2 have a Central Kitchen Experience Area in the middle part, which serves as the display window for new equipment, new raw materials, and products, as well as a popular venue for technical exchanges, DIY experience, and sampling interactions.


It is a centralized display window for new equipment, where star products of the exhibition are shown and are available for trial on site;


It is an exhibition stage for new raw materials and products where bakery products are made on-site, achieving a strong advertising effect. Through the sampling session, you will receive an authentic and direct feedback on products;


This is an ecosystem for the exchange of baking technologies, providing an opportunity for globally renowned baking masters, online baking celebrities, and even home baking enthusiasts, to exchange baking technologies, share recipes, and learn how to prepare popular bakery products;


It is a baking experience platform where you can taste new products, experience the joy of baking, and even take your hand-baked products to share with your family and friends.